Cosmetic Sector

Cosmetics production encompasses a wide range of components with different properties that must be integrated into the production units that are designed.

No two creams are alike, each manufacturer has its products, which must be studied independently.

At Sphere we design specific production units that exactly meet the needs of our customers.

Providing the texture, viscosity and other properties expected in the products that our clients manufacture is the objective of Esfera. For this we design equipment with mixing and dispersing, rapid and controlled heating and cooling, oxygen extraction and dosing of liquid and solid products.

The Esfera Process production units have the following operations for the manufacture of cosmetics:


Addition of solids and liquids by vacuum.

Addition of solids and liquids by vacuum.

Dispersion of liquids and solids, quickly and efficiently.


Sphere agitators mix the incorporation of components and help degassing the product by high vacuum at the end of production.

Heating / Cooling

During the manufacture of creams and ointments, time is a very important factor, Sphere´s production units have high-performance cooling and heating systems that considerably reduce final manufacturing times.


Sphere carries out a cleanability study with riboflavin in all its production units to guarantee excellent CIP cleanliness.

SIP (Sterilization in Situ) can also be provided to our production units if required by our customers.

Latest technology

Esfera Process is representative of IKA, manufacturer of machinery for dispersing and mixing the latest technology.

Sphere integrates IKA equipment into its production units, providing them with an extremely high performance that is up to 7 times faster than the standard model. This, together with the design of our reactors, which allow high vacuum and very fast and efficient cooling and heating, make Sphere´s production units powerful and precious machines.


The automation of Sphere´s production units is of a very high technological level. We integrate the equipment with single-user Scada control units, which allows automatic formulation with guided recipes. Being a SCADA, there are historical formulas for the manufacture of formulas, cleaning, alarms, etc., for times greater than one year. In addition, the production units can be connected to the MES or ERP systems of your factory to facilitate the edition of formulas and production control, cleaning, etc.

The formulator, from his office, will be able to send the manufacturing orders to each of the production units all day early. The operators at the foot of the machine will receive orders from the machine informing them of the jobs and formulations that must be carried out all day.


Esfera Process, has a wide range of production units to cover any need with volumes between 10 and 30,000 liters.

Among others, these are the products that we can manufacture with the Esfera Process production units:

  • Creams
  • Ointments
  • Gels
  • Shampoos
  • Natural cosmetics
  • Sun protection lotions
  • Toothpastes
  • And many more ...