IKA distributor in Spain and Portugal

1. Online dispersing machines

IKA´s product range includes various types of inline machines for various mixing technologies. Most types of machines are available in 8 different sizes and are suitable for both laboratory-scale small samples and large-scale production applications. All IKA in-line mixers are driven through a belt drive system to maintain a constant peripheral speed for each machine in a series, thus ensuring scalability.

Additional benefits of IKA 2000 series machines online:

  • Low noise levels
  • Improved pumping, mixing and dispersing performance
  • Simple speed adjustment by using the transmission band
  • Self-draining due to vertical orientation
  • High quality seal with corrosion resistant materials allowing easy maintenance due to cartridge design
  • High quality surface finishes to meet FDA and EHEDG sanitary requirements
  • All machines are CIP / SIP capable
  • Occupy a smaller space
  • Explosion proof (ATEX) available upon request
  • Customer-specific high-quality work surfaces and special materials for custom applications available on request

2. IKA Dispersion & Dust Moistening Machines Online

IKA´s in-line dispersion and powder wetting machines provide fast, lump-free wetting and dispersing of various powders or granules in liquids.

These machines offer the following advantages:

  • No dust or solvent emissions
  • Agglomerates and caking are prevented
  • Reduction of production times
  • Improved and consistent quality of mix
  • Efficient use of raw materials
  • Easy fail-safe handling
  • Automation optionally available
  • Direct scaling to production using our pilot units
  • Compact design reduces space requirements
  • Meets food and pharmaceutical production requirements
  • Easy to install / compatibility with existing installations

3. Sphere process plants in collaboration with IKA.

Sphere offers complete process plants for the Pharmacy, Cosmetics, Food and Chemical sectors, with equipment from IKA.

IKA specializes in process systems for the incorporation of solids into liquids in continuous or recirculating / discontinuous form. These are mixing and dispersing systems such as the standard SPP production plant and the Master-Plant MP for the production of emulsions and suspensions in a batch process. Another specialty is our continuous dilution systems.


In addition to these standard solutions, Sphere in collaboration with IKA, also offers customized turnkey process systems. In doing so, we take into account all aspects that are important for successful and economical production: optimal process methods and tailored controls, hygienic design, selection of appropriate materials, explosion protection and individual customer requirements. for

The installation and commissioning of the process facilities is carried out by Sphere engineers and assembly and process professionals, as well as our electrical engineers.