Food Sector

We develop solutions equipped with the latest technology (industry 4.0, augmented reality, etc ...) for the manufacture of food products, from dairy products and juices to jams, through the beer and soft drink industry.

We work hand in hand with our clients, contributing our experience and understanding their needs well, to give real, technological and adapted solutions.

High-level process engineering: It is essential that hydraulic, mechanical and electrical equipment and installations are designed guaranteeing a robust system with optimal and long-lasting operation, reaching any level of automation desired by customers.

Integral services. From mechanical engineering to automation. Manufacturing, assembling, commissioning and after sales services. We offer, install and commission, all with our own personnel, not only engineering, but also the assemblies will be directed by specialized personnel from Sphere.

Procurement of raw materials

Aprovisionamiento de materias primas Aprovisionamiento de materias primas

Be it milk, juice, glucose, egg, syrups, etc., Esfera Ingeniería offers automated raw material storage systems, connected to your company´s ERP to guarantee raw material management. When you have to ask for more, how long the one I have will last. Records of consumption associated with manufacturing orders, etc.

Sphere covers the entire raw material process cycle. Hydraulic installation, electrical installation, automation and commissioning.

Pasteurization and filtration systems

Sphere manufactures, integrates in its plant and implements systems for pasteurization, filtration and other treatments for the elimination of pathogenic organisms in the industry. We cover the highest levels of asepsis and sterilization, either by heat treatment or by filtration, micro-filtration, ultra-filtration, cross-flow filtration, etc. Our process engineers have more than 20 years of experience in processes such as aseptic filling, in-line product sterilization and other sterilization systems.

Mixing systems

Sphere has a wide range of mixing systems.

We have reactors to work at Bach. We also offer inline mixing systems. We develop systems for manufacturing concentrates that we then mix with water, in line, before bottling.

CIP / SIP cleaning systems

Sistemas de limpieza CIP/SIP

Cleaning systems are of vital importance, now more than ever. Sphere develops specific and dedicated cleaning systems, guaranteeing the disinfection and equipment of your plant, reactors, tanks, lines, etc. We develop integrated equipment capable of cleaning the entire plant and portable equipment for localized cleaning.

Sphere´s engineers and assembly teams have extensive experience in installing and integrating CIP and SIP equipment.

Own manufacture

Manifold de válvulas con soldadura orbital Manifold de válvulas con soldadura orbital

At Sphere we are manufacturers. In addition to developing customized solutions, we make them a reality in our workshops. Orbital Welded Valve Manifold