From conceptual design to SAT after-sales service, and even reengineering, we cover the entire life cycle of your project and accompany you to improve your production.

We make our preventive maintenance services available to customers, with URGENT INTERVENTION SERVICES 24/7 365 days a year.



According to the needs of each client. Already in the supply phase, it is essential to develop customized solutions.

Our mission is to reach all companies that require industrial facilities through the latest technology. Design robust systems and integrate a very high technological level into the processes, which allows us to optimize the production results of our clients.



It is essential that hydraulic, mechanical and electrical equipment and installations are designed guaranteeing optimal and long-lasting operation, reaching any level of automation desired by our clients.

At Esfera we design specific production units that meet exactly with the needs of our customers.



Any company such as Esfera Ingenieria, which has built industrial production and laboratory process facilities for decades, knows that success comes from the strict application of rules and regulations, the optimal application of solutions to the requirements of each client, innovation in technical solutions, but guaranteeing the highest possible system operation robustness.


Processes tailored to the needs of each client, "taylor made" designs, designed at an optimal level of automation for each study. Automation is a differential factor. Sphere Engineering offers industry 4.0 giving the option to the digital transformation of each industry, creating smart factories capable of greater adaptability to the needs and production processes.



From mechanical engineering to automation. Manufacturing, assembling, commissioning and after sales services. Esfera Ingeniería offers, installs and starts up, all with its own personnel, not only engineering, but also assembly, will be directed by specialized personnel from Esfera. Esfera never subcontracts a system designed and built by others, the know-how is always from Esfera Ingeniería.


We seek to provide the most balanced cost / effectiveness solution, maximum energy efficiency, robust and repetitive behavior in its production and, above all, full satisfaction of the requirements in each case.

The processing plants and systems of Esfera Ingeniería have a totally "in-house" design and comply with all the application standards and specific regulations of each industrial sector and are exhaustively tested and qualified before delivery turnkey to the user.


The highest level automation of plants and systems has its own and regulatory standards (GAMP, CFR21) for a full guarantee in terms of the safety of its personnel and the product.



We offer fully integrated equipment and systems, manufactured in-house covering the entire life cycle of the project:
• Consulting and conceptual design
• Detail engineering
• Supply of components / procurement
• Manufacture and assembly
• Automation programming
• Field installation
• Start-up / commissioning.


From conceptual engineering, electrical mechanical detail engineering, to automation. Manufacturing, assembling, commissioning and after sales services. We offer, install and start up, all with our own personnel, not only engineering, also only engineering, also the assemblies will be directed by specialized personnel from Sphere.
• User training